Your customers are our customers. This means that we are always aware of their needs as much as yours. We sell your product and/or service to your customers, and without your customers we can't exist.

Domain names & Hosting

Price vary for domain names and host. If other services that we provide are required we will provide you of a breakdown of our domain name and host packages.


We beleive in strong and simple designs that will attract customers and will get them to that important intial contact. We provide strong consultation and advice for new websites and incorporated good design practice with our clients needs and wants.

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  • Basic Packages
  • Advanced Packages
  • Additional Packages

We provide 3 Basic Packagers starting from €150 per year.
Basic Package 1 (€150):-

  • 6 Webpages (including one contact page)
  • Design Consultation
  • Archive Graphics
  • Simple Logo Design (if required)
  • Build through to Launch
  • Launch SEO and SEO consultation

Smart Package (€350)

  • As our basic package
  • 8 Webpages (including newsletter and blog pages)
  • Photographic services
  • Post Launch SEO
  • Graphic Design (including Flash)

Excel Package (€550)

  • As our smart package
  • 10 Webpages (Feedback/Guestbook page)
  • Video services (1 day and workthrough planning)
  • SEO and Social Media Training

All prices are excluding VAT @ 21%.

Weekly back up is provided for each package at €9 per week. This will provide your website with staff to update and provide information in a timely manner. As well as continued SEO.

All prices are excluding VAT @ 21%.

We provide 2 Advanced Packagers starting from €650 per year.
Excel Manager(€650):-

  • As our Basic Excel Package
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Up to 15 bespoke webpages
  • CMS Training

Excel Management (€1000)

  • As our Excel Manager
  • Futher photographic and video services (with crew)

All prices are excluding VAT @ 21%.

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